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Folded-out calendar size is 12" wide by 18" deep.


The month of July features a stunning 11" vertical photo.


Photos accompany each month, plus cover photo on front and back with a full 2023 calendar included.

It includes all US holidays and most Christian and Jewish observances.


The photo half of the page is 12" x 8" with the actual calendar below on a 12"x 8" page.


Many calendars have photo pages that are 12x12 in size.

My calendar is 12x8 which features a photo which is  full 12" wide. Many of the 12x12 photo calendars have to crop 

their photos into a square to fit that format.


My photos are always very horizontal or vertical and I do not crop my photos into squares

as they lose the integrity of the original vision of the scene.

Since many buyers of my calendar purchase as gifts at the holiday season, this size makes it easier and less

expensive to mail perfectly in a 10x13 envelope, even with stiffeners to protect the publication.



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