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IF you wish to order a print file from the MAIN page or the NEWEST WORK page, please contact me at

Announcing new three levels of digital files

to print your own Peter Schwepker photographs.



Level One: Big Prints for Home or Office


Prints of sizes 40-80 inches wide or deep and files of 

around 300-450 MB for high resolution wall display for business or home.


FILE COST=$200-$300


Level Two: Accent Prints for Home or Office


Prints of 20-40 inches wide or deep and files of around 100-175 MB for home or business





Level Three: Small prints for albums, small wall or accent purposes.


Small Prints of 10-20 inches wide or deep and a file of around 10-20 MG JPG format.



I offer discounts from time to time, so check back on this or the home page for files sales.

When you purchase the file, you may have the files printed anywhere or you may request for me to guide the process through my printer at Young Life for an additional $80.

Young Life prices are the best and you have me backing you by making sure the prints have the exact color and print quality. This applies to canvas prints which are wrapped onto a frame ready to hang.

If you want a non-canvas print on mat or semi-gloss paper, I can also have that printed at Young Life but you would then need to have it framed at the location of your choice.

In all cases, I will give you the price quote from Young Life. On the main home page, you will see a title and order number. So your final cost would be the cost of the file+the dost of the print+shipping!

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