I Am An Independent Voter...

Here's What I Believe



I am a conservative!




Not THAT kind of conservative!

I am a REAl conservative.

I believe in conserving life, constitutional libe


Frankly, I am pretty disgusted with both major parties.

If you don't like to hear that, you should not read any further.

I am a former Republican. That party has left me and others like me behind. But first, let me say why I don't endorse the Democratic Party.



I believe that the unborn children have rights.


That being said, I also believe there are situations where one needs to adjudicate the health of the mother.


Further, I do NOT call myself Pro-Life because I believe that most of those that call themselves Pro-Life limit their concern to the unborn and do not display their energy to existing children both in our country AND world-wide.

Pro-Life should also take positions on war, where both born and unborn children suffer incredibly by warring factions. Sometimes, that include the US. I believe that if you call yourself Pro-Life you need to also show compassion for all mankind, as exemplified by Jesus.

If anyone calls themselves Pro-Choice, they need to ask themselves what their world would look like if someone like Barrack Obama was never given the chance to live his life. What if Martin Luther King had been aborted?


I believe there needs to be a complete fence or barrier at the US Mexico border. But for the money we would need to build a "wall," we could certainly increase our ability to handle every application for citizenship.

We need to show love to our neighbors, north and south--east and west. We need to end illegal immigration, but replace it with it with heart and understanding. We need to embrace immigrants, not hate them.

Peter Schwepker Arts