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I Am An Independent Voter...

Here's What I Believe

I am a conservative!


Not THAT kind of conservative.

And I am a Christian.


Not THAT kind of Christian.

That' right. I have never supported Donald Trump and the events of January 6, 2021 tell you why.


Wow. What an emotionally charged term.

So many who call themselves "conservatives"

are not conservative at all.

I believe in conserving the environment. I believe in conserving

dignity of all people and ALL races. I believe in conserving 

the Constitution.


And yes, I believe in conserving life of 

all children, BORN AND UNBORN. 

The reason I am NOT a Democrat is because I don't honor the

concept of abortion for the purpose of birth control. I do believe there are some conditions allowed for abortions. 

I have seen the beauty of the newborn and the beauty

of their growth into wonderful people. In this day where we have

true lack of leadership, I wonder if a designated leader

was never allowed to exist!

My argument with the Right To Life people is that they

seem to think their job is done saving the unborn.

Caring for our children or all races and beliefs should be as

important. Take the childhood song "Jesus loves the little children--ALL the children of the world. Red and yellow black and white,

they are precious IN HIS SIGHT!


After seeing Donald Trump rip environmental concerns,

it becomes obvious he is NOT a conservative. And he does not

care about the children of the world and their future. And I don't believe he has love for ALL the children of the world, especially red and yellow and black!

And I don't think Donald Trump is a "Christian." although no Christian

is perfect, 


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