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All images on this page are copyrighted by Arizona Republic, Arizona Daily SUN or Peter Schwepker

Bar tender kicks a patron in an altercation in an old section of Phoenix

Phoenix Fire makes a life-saving rescue  during a rare flood

Mother Teresa jokingly points a finger at one of her backers, Charles Keating, who ran into big trouble with his Lincoln Savings and Loan later on.

In the midst of Nixon's Watergate issues, the faithful still believed during this 1974 photo

A canal rescue by firemen in Phoenix

A Valentine's Day Kiss-Off contest

Barry Goldwater gets standing
ovation from Young Republicans at 1988 Convention


This photo story was produced for the Arizona Republic on a squatter community in Nogales, Mexico.


The lure of US border plants near the border brought hope and

 jobs to hundreds of Mexicans, but the price was lack of adequate housing.


Communities popped up on private land

overwhelming parts of Nogales with huts made of cardboard and plywood without adequate water, no electricity and no sewer favorites.


Here are some images of the proud people

 in one of those settlements.

The young and the poor

A not-so-beaming look from tennis great John McEnroe

Billy Joel
A special face
tap old couple.jpg

A Story About Friendship

John McEnroe being John McInroe
billy joel small.jpg
Billy Joel in concert
Adventures at a Kiss-Off contest on Valentine's Day. 
Keep on fighting against all odds!
(Fire department arrived in time)
This Phoenix resident is doing what he can to protect his home as a grass fire threatens his neighborhood. The fire was extinguished in time by fire crews.
slurryfire 50x30.jpg
My family meets Barry Goldwater. Connilee (trying to hold Holly) flew back to Phoenix  from Prescott with Barry. Kimberly sleeps through the whole thing!
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