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Photo by Patrick Walter

My scenic work strives to paint a feeling or mood. This is a consuming task

as I try to capture just the right mood presented to me by nature.

That means hours and hours of waiting, searching and then capturing

just the right light and just the right image. 

At times, someone will write and ask if I use fake clouds, an increasingly popular

way of combining two photos or stock sky to make the photo appear as a 

single frame. Whereas I do not condemn those who do replacement sky

or use stock sky to make their photo appear more dramatic, I choose to 

go back to a scene multiple times until REAL sky paints the sky. I DO take multiple frames within a split second of each other to sometimes combine what is called a

pano, which remains true to the moment but combined, forms images which

are easily printed in large prints for home and office display. 

An aside about the way I photograph. I think BIG! When I photograph a scene 

I am thinking of a print that goes at least 50 inches wide or tall--not a 2" space 

typical on social media. So...think BIG with me when you see my work! 


I  do consider our earth as God's creation and I consider each image you see as

a gift. I do not produce the scene. God's nature provides the beauty. I simply 

observe and photograph.​

I have developed a yearly calendar and greeting card business.

You will see a greeting card link at the top of this page.

When it is calendar season, that link will change to the word "calendar."

My most honored reward is having my work connect with people.

That has been my goal in both landscape and photojournalism. 




Schwepker Arts Photographs

for home or office


You will be able to order a large digital file of one of my photos for $125 starting  June 18. You may also order work off of the NEWEST WORK page. 

Normal file price is $250 per file. You buy the file and have it printed at your own printer. Write me at

crested butte fall pano 2017 copy 2.jpg
Crested Butte Autumn, Order #1
An Awesome Autumn, Kebler Pass, Colorado
Rock and Peaks, Pikes Peak, Colorado
MaroonCreek, Colorado
Order #3B
Brush Strokes In The Sky, ORDER #4
Calhan, Colroado  ORDER #5
A Golden Island
Kebler Pass Super Pano
A Picture From the Past, Colorado
Fingers of Life, Rifle Falls, Colorado
Order #10
 Warm Glow at Arches National Park
Order #11
Great Sand Dunes, Colorado
Order #12
Spring Aspen at Maroon Bells
Spring Sunshine Rolls Onto Maroon Bells, Colorado
Order #13
Chalk Lake, Colorado
Road to a Rainbow, Calhan, Colorado
Arches National Park Panorama 


Windmill Sunset, Order #17


Paint Mines, Colorado
Skyline Arch, Arches National Park, Utah
Monument Rock, Colorado
Order #19
Crested Butte, Colorado
Order #20
Garden of the Gods with Pikes Peak,
Order #21
Rhapsody in Blue, Colorado
Order #22

Peter Schwepker Arts