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HL7A1192b 50x30 copy.jpg
garden sheep with peaks HL7A3803 FB copy
_sun glows thru trees, crested 8354 more
7. Bear Lake, Colorado
7.   Chalk Lake In Fall, Colorado
garden overview and snow pano 70x35b cop
small tree and moon HL7A2459b 50x25 copy
graces HL7A4386 50x30 COPY FB.jpg
CHLK LAKE FALL 2019 PANO 70x42b copy.jpg
  13  St. Elmo, Colorado
13A   Greenland Open Space, Colorado
gog sunrise 12-9-2019 60x40 copy.jpg
deer in garden nov 2019 4227 copy.jpg
 16. Monument, Colorado
pulpit sunset with suynburst HL7A9919 co
new tree and clouds HL7A5441b FB copy.jp
mon rock sunset 2-27 HL7A9393 30x50.jpg
fog bow windmill HL7A1479 AC copy.jpg
Chalk Lake, Colorado
painted HL7A5092 30x60 good.jpg

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